I rode the Jitney bus from NYC to the Hamptons for $41. The bathroom didn't have a sink, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of my trip.

people getting their luggage from underneath the hamptons jitney bus
I took a coach bus from Midtown Manhattan to the Hamptons on Long Island. Elizabeth Blasi
  • I took the Jitney coach bus from New York City to the Hamptons for $41.

  • It was a pretty standard coach bus, and the bathroom wasn't great, but it was calm and quiet.

  • I appreciated the charging outlets at each seat and the bus attendant who handed out snacks.

When most people think about the Hamptons, they picture the lap of luxury — and they're not wrong. The average weeklong trip for one person can cost over $1,500.

Although there are $200 luxury buses and $1,000 helicopters out to the tip of Long Island, transportation is the last thing I want to waste money on when planning a trip. Instead, I researched the cheapest ways to get to the summer hot spot from New York City and found seats on a Jitney coach bus for under $50.

Depending on traffic, the ride is only two to three hours long.

I booked a $41 one-way ticket on the Jitney from Midtown Manhattan to the Hamptons. To my surprise, the affordable coach bus was pretty great.

This may be the first time I've ever left on time while traveling from Midtown.

midtown nyc jitney stop on the side of the street
My bus stop was across from the E 59th Street Bloomingdale's.Elizabeth Blasi

I arrived at the Midtown bus stop across from Bloomingdale's 10 minutes ahead of time and boarded at 8:38 a.m. for an 8:40 a.m. departure.

No one was collecting or scanning tickets, which sped up the boarding process. The bus left right on time, showcasing impressive efficiency.

There are multiple Jitney stops in Manhattan, so the bus was already half full when I got on. If you're traveling with someone and want to sit together, I recommend boarding at one of the earlier Uptown stops.

Make sure to double-check your drop-off location before boarding.

closeup shot of the logo on the side of the hamptons jitney bus
The Jitney has a few different routes in the Hamptons. Elizabeth Blasi

The Jitney buses don't all go to the same place — the eastern shore of Long Island has numerous stops spread out from each other.

Before boarding in Manhattan, it's essential to double-check that you're getting on the correct bus for your final destination.

Since no one checked my ticket, I was a little confused. But I eventually figured out I was getting on the right bus.

There was nothing fancy about the seats, but they did their job.

pair of legs sitting in a standard bus seat on the jitney in new york city
The seats at least had footrests. Elizabeth Blasi

The bus had four seats in each row with an aisle down the center.

The seats offered a standard amount of legroom, which sufficed, and there were footrests under the chairs.

You could also lean back, but I think that's the easiest way to ruin someone's day if there's a passenger behind you.

The bathroom left some things to be desired.

elizabeth taking a mirror selfie in the jitney bus bathroom
There wasn't a sink in the bathroom.Elizabeth Blasi

There was an on-board bathroom, but I'd only use it in emergencies.

It was stocked with plenty of toilet paper but didn't have a sink. Hand sanitizer wasn't provided either, so make sure to pack your own.

The vibes on the bus were different than I was expecting.

elizabeth posing on the jitney bus
The ride was mostly uneventful.Elizabeth Blasi

Contrary to what I'd heard about the Jitney having a young, party vibe, my Friday morning bus ride on Memorial Day weekend had a mix of people and was relatively calm.

With the shades drawn and the AC on, the bus was a pleasant escape from the heat outside.

To keep things quiet, the bus staff also encouraged minimal phone use during the ride.

I didn't have the best internet connection during my ride.

electrical outlets and a footrest on the seats of the jitney bus
The WiFi wasn't great, but I was happy to charge my phone and laptop. Elizabeth Blasi

The WiFi was spotty — I noticed several passengers using their phones as hot spots. If I needed to get a full remote workday in, that's probably the only way I could've done it.

But it was a nice bonus that the bus had outlets to charge phones, laptops, and other electronics during the several-hour drive.

The unexpected hospitality was a nice touch.

a small bottle of water and pack of goldfish on a bus seat
I got a little snack on my way off the bus. Elizabeth Blasi

The bus was staffed with a driver and an attendant, who was an excellent resource.

As I departed at the last stop, the attendant checked everyone's tickets. Riders could pay on the bus if needed, but I purchased my ticket ahead of time to save $8 off the total cost.

As we were leaving, the attendant also handed out cold water and a snack, which I thought was a nice touch.

The Jitney had all the basics to get me from point A to point B.

hamptons jitney bus station in the hapmtons
I'd take the Jitney Bus again. Elizabeth Blasi

There's nothing super fancy about the Jitney, but it certainly does its job. It took me about three hours and 50 minutes to get to the East Hampton stop from Midtown, but that's pretty much what I expected for Memorial Day weekend.

One significant advantage of the Jitney is the multiple times and bus-stop locations every day. The bus runs every other hour, providing flexibility for travelers.

Although the Long Island Rail Road is also cheap at $20 or $30 a ride, I'd definitely suggest the bus over the crowded and often rowdy train.

Overall, for $41, the Jitney was a surprisingly pleasant and efficient way to travel from Manhattan to the Hamptons.

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