Royal fans spot touching detail in Princess Eugenie's latest Instagram post

Princess Eugenie took to Instagram this weekend to share an unseen photo of her son, August. And amidst the many comments that pointed out how similar the young royal is to Prince Harry's son, Archie, others noted a touching detail.

"I love being your Mumma! Happy Mothers Day!" the royal – who is currently expecting her second child with Jack Brooksbank – wrote in the caption of the photo, which showed herself and her son enjoying a frosty walk through the countryside.

"August looks like Archie. Family blood is strong," one person said in the comments section, as someone else made another observation. "Love the orb in this picture," the fan commented, pointing out a yellow glow that can be seen hovering around the pair. "It’s the Queen and Prince Philip watching over them."

"Awww look at the orb!" a second follower added. "A loved one is visiting."

For those not into spirituality, orbs are believed to be spiritual entities. You can't see them with the naked eye, but they sometimes show up when you take a photo. Different coloured orbs are thought to have different meanings, and the meaning of orbs can also be determined by what the subject was feeling at the time the photograph was taken.

A green orb, for example, is believed to to be a spirit that wishes you healing and prosperity and has strong ties to nature, whereas a yellow orb – like the one seen in Eugenie's photo – is thought to be a spirit, perhaps of a loved one who has passed away, that wishes to offer wisdom and guidance.

When it comes to orbs, not everyone is a believer though." It’s not an orb lol it’s from the camera. Mine does it all the time," one follower said in response to the comments on Eugenie's post.

Make of that what you will!

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