Rudy Giuliani said he'll be disbarred but that supporting Trump would 'help me in heaven for sticking to my principles'

  • Former New York Mayor Giuliani said on Sunday that his support of Trump showed he stuck to his principles.

  • That would "help me in heaven," said the lawyer, who's had his license suspended in New York and D.C.

  • Giuliani, who's filed for bankruptcy, also faces a panel recommendation that he be disbarred.

Rudy Giuliani predicted on Sunday that he'll be disbarred but said his loyalty to former President Donald Trump would be a boon for him "in heaven."

"The Bar Association is going to crucify me no matter what," Giuliani said on a Sunday episode of his podcast "Uncovering the Truth." "I will be disbarred in New York. I will be disbarred in Washington. It will have nothing to do with anything I did wrong."

Giuliani, who led Trump's legal challenge to the 2020 election outcome in Pennsylvania, had his law license suspended in both Washington, DC and New York in 2021.

The former New York mayor is now contesting a recommendation from a Washington-based ethics review panel that he be disbarred for his actions while representing Trump.

"I consider that something that will help me in heaven for sticking to my principles and not being a weakling like all these weaklings who were afraid to represent Trump," Giuliani said.

In June 2021, a New York court ruling on his suspension found that while fighting Trump's case, Giuliani made "demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public at large."

A month later, a US appeals court also suspended Giuliani in Washington.

Then came the July 2023 recommendation that Giuliani be disbarred, which will go to the DC Court of Appeals for a final decision.

Despite predicting on Sunday that he'd lose, Giuliani appeared defiant.

He criticized his defamation trial in Georgia, in which a federal jury ruled that Giuliani must pay $148 million to two election workers he defamed.

"And these DAs and people prosecuting me are headhunters," said Giuliani, who declared bankruptcy in December after the defamation ruling in Georgia.

Giuliani also faces a criminal case in Georgia, in which Fulton County DA Fani Willis included him as a defendant in her election interference racketeering case. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson for Giuliani said the former mayor "hasn't had the opportunity to defend himself on the facts with regards to the case in Washington, D.C. and the ridiculous $148 million judgement."

"Many in the media continue to miss the story here, which unfortunately shouldn't surprise anyone," the spokesperson added. "We look forward to the appeal, and an opportunity to restore our broken system of justice."

March 18, 2023 — This story was updated to reflect comment from Giuliani.

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