The Running Industry Diversity Coalition Reveals in a Report the Fundraising, Scholarships and Studies That Defined Its Statement 2023

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Since 2020, the Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC) has focused on improving inclusion, visibility and access for Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). Now in its fourth year, the nonprofit has offered a look at the impact its work has had so far on the running industry.

This week, the RIDC released its Impact Report for 2023, providing a look into what it accomplished during the year.

“The RIDC has experienced significant growth. Our commitment to our mission and values, the creation of opportunities for the communities we serve and the growing awareness of our efforts defined our journey. We embraced innovation and welcomed dozens of new long-term partners to positively impact the business and culture of running,” RIDC executive director Kiera Smalls said in the report. “Despite the fact that we are a small but mighty team, our mission is deeply felt across the industry. Our incredible efforts in just a few short years speak volumes about our dedication and effectiveness.”

Breaking down the year by the numbers, when it comes to financial contributions, the RIDC stated it raised $130,000 through its inaugural end-of-the-year community fundraiser, The Cookout, which was held at The Running Event (TRE) in November 2023. Also, the largest multiyear commitment is secured was from Brooks, which was for $700,000. RIDC confirmed this commitments includes Brooks’ contribution to Run the Block, a mentoring and grant initiative focused on increasing Black ownership in the running industry.

Also specific to TRE, the RIDC said it awarded scholarships for BIPOC retail owners and employees to attend the event, which was held in Austin, Texas. The RIDC stated it was a 150 percent increase over 2022 and the largest scholarship opportunity in TRE history.

Aside from the financial, the RIDC stated it had more than 2,000 registrations for its educational offerings, which were both virtual and held during industry events, and it had a 94 percent satisfaction rating from RIDC-hosted workshop participants. Also, the RIDC stated it had a 60 percent average monthly newsletter open rate.

The RIDC also delivered three research studies last year with Bentley University on racial diversity in the running industry, which covered both the sport and employment. The studies, which were released in June 2023, were funded by Altra, Brooks, New Balance, On, Patagonia, Salomon, Saucony, Smartwool and Strava.

The findings of the surveys revealed, among other things, that 14 percent of the U.S. population is Black/African American, yet 11 percent of the running industry’s employees are Black/African American and just 1 percent hold senior management leadership positions.

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