Russian delegate sings after Odesa gets 'in-danger' status

STORY: This Russian delegate to UNESCO briefly

broke into song after Ukraine’s Odesa

was designated a World Heritage in Danger site

The status is designed to help

protect Odesa’s cultural heritage

The city has been bombed several times

by Russia since its invasion on February 24

(Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General)

"There was first a symbolic aspect which is that of saying this city belongs to the world heritage, it concerns us all, we are all looking at it, we all see it and we recognize its history and its contribution to the heritage. That's already an important symbolic aspect and there is also a whole legal issue of protection because there are world heritage conventions, 194 states are members of this convention and there is an obligation for all the states that are members not to bring deliberate destruction to this heritage."

The debate over Odesa took hours as Russia

unsuccessfully tried to have the vote postponed

The designation will enable the

city to access international aid