Ruth Langsford worries Eamonn Holmes may 'never be 100 percent' after health woes

Ruth Langsford is worried about Eamonn Holmes' health credit:Bang Showbiz
Ruth Langsford is worried about Eamonn Holmes' health credit:Bang Showbiz

Ruth Langsford is worried Eamon Holmes "might never be 100 percent right" amid his health struggles.

The 64-year-old presenter is concerned for her husband - who she has been married to for 14 years - after he has suffered with chronic back pain for almost two years.

She told Women's Weekly: "I don't know how much Eamonn's mobility will improve. We live in hope.

"He does the physio, but there might have to be some acceptance that this might never be 100 percent right.

"With any care situation - and there are millions of carers in this country - it isn't always easy. It's testing but we manage as a family."

The 'Loose Women' star admitted her husband's struggles have made her truly realise the importance of health.

She added: "I look at Eamonn, who's had his health and back problems, and it makes you realise how important your health is."

Her comments come after recent photos showed Eamonn, also 64, with two walking sticks - and later in a wheelchair - after a difficult physio session.

He previously had surgery on his back due to bulging discs, but he fell and broke his shoulder last year, which has set back his recovery.

A source recently told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Eamonn has been using walking aids for around 18 months now so not much has changed unfortunately.

"He is doing everything he can but the lack of progress from the physio has obviously been a bit frustrating.

"But he continues to have physio sessions pretty much every day and continues to work hard in his rehabilitation.

"He is in pain a lot of the time and so that is not fun at all but he keeps going and he is loving his work still and he is a journalist at heart."

Eamonn still works three days a week for GB News, but earlier this year and admitted he is worried about the "harsh reality" that he could never walk alone again with aids.

He said: "I have tried every treatment, but you go, ‘Maybe I’ll never get out of it,’ which is a harsh reality to face.”