This App Will Give You A ‘Backward’ Perspective That Makes Normal Videos Look Boring

You think taking selfies is cool? Well, it’s time to get an update, because the trend is slowly moving to short clips. Although selfies are still flooding the social media platform, but you might realise that short videos are showing up on your Facebook’s wall more and more often nowadays.

With apps like Snapchat, MeiPei and Vine, taking videos on your mobile is taking the world by storm. No, don’t worry, we are not going to introduce you another short clip making app, there’s already enough to choose from. Instead, this app will give you a brand new perspective that deviates from the options of timelapse and slow-mo videos that apps and phones are providing you today.

Image credit: rwnd
Image credit: rwnd

Image Credit: Rwnd

Rwnd is a simple yet fun new app founded by Australian Andrew Cunningham. While named Rwnd, the app does not simply play videos in reverse. Instead, the app allows users to take a short four-second video, upload the video to the app and watch it play in its own unique style- first forwards, then in reverse, then forwards and so on. It’s like having your own personal gif that you can also upload onto your other social media accounts or save into your phone.

The moment you enter the app, it instantly begins to give you ideas of the kinds of videos you can make based on trending hashtags. #icebucket interestingly is still on the list, along with #dsmoke (people breathing in smoke instead of out) and even #carcrash.

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As people’s attention spans seem to be shorter nowadays, the idea of Rwnd is to keep the video short – four secounds -and users could replay their videos anywhere and anytime they want. Once you make the video, you have the option of sharing it on your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Vine. You can follow your favourite accounts, keep track at the trending loops, and get the latest videos. The Rwnd website has a sneak peak of their best videos if you’re curious.

Users' reviews from
Users' reviews from

Users’ reviews from

Rwnd has been on iOS App Store since September 16 and have gained popularity with many praising the app’s function. It is free to download on the iOS App Store.

So, what are you waiting for, download the app and have your videos play backward for you!

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