Ryan Clark’s only been on two dates in two years after divorce

Ryan Clark’s only been on two dates in two years after divorce

Rylan Clark has only been on two dates in two years since his divorce from Dan Neal.

The 35-year-old TV and radio presenter split from his husband, 44, in 2021, and hoped his new BBC show ‘Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour’ – which sees he and Rob Rinder, 45, go on blind dates in Italy – would help him get out of his love rut.

He told the Daily Mirror: “Hopefully my luck with men is about to change.

“I always thought when you were younger, ‘Imagine if you were known, you would be able to get anyone you want.’ It’s the complete opposite.

“I've had two dates in the last two years.

“One of them was really, really great and was going well. And then my job was just too much for his life.

“And then the other one was so interested in my job, he decided to call the press.

“So they're the two opposite ends of the spectrum. I need somebody in the middle that can deal with it, but don't want it.”

In Rylan’s new series, the host opens up to his co-star Rob about his divorce, labelling it “the worst experience of (my) life”, and admitted he wished his 70-year-old mother Linda hadn’t seen his “downward spiral” after the split, during which he admitte dhe tried to “finish (myself) off”.

Rylan added: “I think it was a culmination of my marriage breaking down and actually me stopping for the first time in 10 years. Then all of a sudden I had quite a big speed bump, and instead of carrying on I just sank. It was the worst experience of my life.

“I just went on a downward spiral. I tried to end it. I tried to finish myself off.

“I didn't eat, I went down to nine stone. I’m six foot four. Rob, I looked horrendous.

“I’m so grateful for what I’ve got. I come from a council house. Like, I’m not saying we were on the breadline because we was not on the breadline, but we didn’t have a lot.

“But in those moments and even to this day, if I had to give it all up, to not have to put my mum through what I put her through when I got ill? Fine, take it. It was horrendous.

“She’s a 70-year-old woman. And she had to watch her successful son literally disintegrate.”