Ryan Giggs accused of 8-yr-fling with brother's wife

London, June 6 (ANI): Ryan Giggs, following his fall-out from his ill-fated gagging order, has been accused of an eight-year affair with his brother's wife, Natasha, even when he was seeing 'Big Brother' housemate Imogen Thomas.

The Manchester United 'squeaky clean' footballer, formerly regarded as the model professional and committed family man, found his reputation further tainted when it came into limelight that he slept with Natasha the day after his eight-year-old daughter was born and again the day after the arrival of his four-year-old son.

The affair was alleged to have continued until April 9.

According to a Sunday newspaper, Gigg had been cheating on his wife Stacey with Natasha before she began dating his younger brother Rhodri, reports the Daily Mail.

According to Natasha, it was Giggs's folly in taking out his notorious injunction over an alleged fling with Imogen, which spurred her to break her silence.

"When I found out he was cheating with Imogen too, I was really hurt," she told the News of the World through a 'friend'.

"I know that sounds really strange, but he wasn't just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too. Our relationship was just about sex to him," she added. (ANI)