Ryan Gosling Aces ‘Colbert Questionert’ With ‘Best Sandwich’ Answer No One Saw Coming

You’ll never get a perfectly straight answer out of Ryan Gosling – but you’ll always get the perfect one.

“The Fall Guy” star stopped by “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Thursday and was subjected to a battery of questions known as “The Colbert Questionert.” Each of his answers was wildly oblique — but somehow, precisely accurate.

There was no better example than his answer to the very first question: “What is the best sandwich?”

Without hesitation, Gosling answered: “Ice cream.”

After taking a beat to compute that, Colbert said: “I see how this is going to go.”

“You can have all the sandwiches in the world, but when the ice cream sandwich comes out, the decision is made for you,” Gosling said.

Now — before we give Gosling too much credit, it should be noted that these late-night exchanges are almost always worked out in advance, either by the guests themselves or staff writers (we know this because of “The Garry Shandling Show“). But let’s not cast suspicion without evidence here — Gosling has credible improv chops, and each answer was authentic to his mercurial playfulness.

Some other examples:

  • Colbert: “What is the scariest animal?”
    Gosling: “Men.”

  • Colbert: “Apples or oranges?”
    Gosling: “Oranges help with scurvy, and I do not want that again. The apple, you can make a bong out of.”

  • Colbert: “What do you think happens when we die?”
    Gosling: “We wake up.”

  • Colbert: “Favorite smell?”
    Gosling: “It is hard not to give it to flowers … they’ve been working it out for a long time … I want to say dogs’ paws. They have a — they smell like nachos or popcorn.”

  • Colbert “Least favorite smell?”
    Gosling: “Did you ever have a Motorola Razr phone? They had the smelliest keypad.”

Watch the entire exchange with Colbert and Ryan Gosling in the video clip above.

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