Ryan Gosling cries to Taylor Swift in Super Bowl teaser for The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling can be seen crying in his car to Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” in a new teaser trailer for The Fall Guy.

The forthcoming action comedy based on the 1980s television series of the same name, and stars Gosling as stunt man Colt Seavers (originally played by Lee Majors).

The cast of the new film, which is directed by Bullet Train’s David Leitch, also features British actors Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Hannah Waddingham, and US star Stephanie Hsu.

In one scene featured in the trailer, which aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday (11 February), Blunt’s character Jody, Colt’s ex-girlfriend, knocks on his window and asks whether he’s crying to Swift’s song, “All Too Well”.

“Doesn’t everybody?” Gosling’s character replies.

The film is set to place the work of stunt artists at centre stage.

The Independent’s Geoffrey Macnab recently argued that stunt performers should receive more credit for their work, writing: “For most of cinema history, stunt artists have languished in obscurity. They are dragged under stagecoaches and trampled by horses in old John Ford westerns; they drive chariots round the Colosseum, or jump out of trains and helicopters.

“Few watching actually know their names. A-listers who’ve been sitting safely in their trailers invariably usurp their glory. That is a state of affairs actor Ryan Gosling seems determined to change. ‘In most films, the actors get all the credit, but the stunt performers do all the work,’ he said earlier this summer. ‘That ends today.’”

The Fall Guy is set to be released on 3 May.

Ryan Gosling in the Super Bowl teaser trailer for ‘The Fall Guy' (Universal)
Ryan Gosling in the Super Bowl teaser trailer for ‘The Fall Guy' (Universal)

The Fall Guy teaser is just one of the many celebrity-filled commercials that have aired as brands attempt to gain customers during what could also be called the Advertising Super Bowl.

This year’s game is underway at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada and available to watch on CBS and streaming on Paramount+, as well as on ITV in the UK.

With more than 100 million people tuning in last year, the Super Bowl means big business for the companies trying to lure new customers.

The commercials they come up with are known for entertaining the less avid football fans during breaks in the game, with many brands already beginning to tease their commercials in the two weeks before the big game.

Here are some of the best - and worst - commercials airing during the Super Bowl 2024.

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