Ryan Gosling Punches His Way Through ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Set With ‘Fall Guy’-Inspired Entrance: ‘Stunts!’ | Video

Throwing jabs and uppercuts, Ryan Gosling punched his way through his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance for an eye-catching “Fall Guy”-inspired entrance.

In true action hero-style, he brought the stunts from his upcoming film “The Fall Guy” to Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night set on Wednesday. In the film, Gosling plays a stuntman named Colt Seavers who returns to his craft after the lead of a big studio film suddenly disappears.

In the bit, Kimmel introduces Gosling as his next guest as the actor begins walking towards the desk … only to be approached by a fake enemy. He quickly uses the cup he’s drinking from to knock the man out. Carrying on, Gosling ends up running into comedian Jeff Ross in his dressing room.

“Congrats on the movie, man,” Ross says before taking a shot at his peach-colored outfit. “Nice suit, I didn’t know it was still Easter.”

“No, this is like a late-summer peach,” Gosling notes before asking to borrow a lamp, which he uses to bash another guy over the head.

At one point, Gosling takes on three fighters at once. Pulling the stunts off with ease, his only request to the makeup team is: “Can I get some powder?” “Do I look cool?” he then asks while manhandling two more opponents.

Not even breaking a sweat, Gosling puts himself together before hitting the Kimmel stage and greeting fans. However, his mission isn’t done; there’s one more battle he must fight, and he ends up getting assistance from the host’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez. Afterwards, he does a celebratory dance with Rodriguez and yells out, “Stunts!”

David Leitch’s “The Fall Guy,” also starring Emily Blunt, Hannah Waddingham, Lee Majors, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, hits theaters May 3.

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