Bloggers raise more than $66k for DTL accident victims

Donations to a bloggers' initiative to help raise funds for the families of two migrant workers have totalled $66,330.

The initiative was started by bloggers Benjamin Tan (Mr Miyagi), Adrianna Tan (Popagandhi) and Lee Kin Mun (mrbrown) with non-profit organisation Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) handling the donations.
About 440 people have donated and the average donation made is about $150.
TWC2 said it has been meeting the family members of both deceased workers, Meng Huaiyou and Dou Chunjie, over the last four days explaining the donations. The donations will be given to the deceased workers' next of kin in installments.
TWC2 added that they have passed the first installment in cash to the deceased workers' next of kin as both their families were leaving before the final numbers are finalised.
TWC2 also said have also received from them signed undertakings acknowledging the intention behind the donations, that the donations are meant for the estate of the deceased persons, and thus to ultimately benefit all family members entitled to a share of the estate.

The two workers from China died after being buried under a pile of cement and wooden planks when the temporary scaffolding used for the construction for the new Downtown Line (DTL) Bugis Station subway link roof slab gave way.

Both victims have yet to be identified.

Another eight workers suffered minor injuries and were sent to Raffles Hospital before the SCDF arrived. Five have since been discharged.

Transient Workers Count Too, an organisation that looks after the welfare of migrant workers in Singapore, have offered to take in donations for the two victims.

The money collected will go towards the families of the dead workers, and the injured workers while they are unable to work.


Make a crossed cheque payable to: ‘Tran­sient Work­ers Count Too’, write your name and “Bugis MRT Acci­dent” at the back of the cheque and mail it to: 5001 Beach Road, #06–27 Golden Mile Com­plex, Sin­ga­pore 199588.

Send an email to with your name, cheque no., amount and “Bugis MRT Acci­dent”, so that the dona­tion can be prop­erly recorded and a receipt sent to you.


You can donate using your credit card here. A small com­mis­sion is charged by this dona­tion col­lec­tion agency. Under the “Spe­cial Occa­sion / Per­son” field, type “Bugis MRT Accident”.


You can use your pay­pal account or credit card to donate here. How­ever, a com­mis­sion of 4% or so is charged on every dona­tion. There is no field for you to input the pur­pose of dona­tion, so it is advis­able to drop twc2 an email after you’ve donated by this method.