S'poreans prefer partners who can cook: survey

Ever wondered what most Singaporeans look for in their search for a life partner?

Well, according to a food survey done by Electrolux Asia Pacific, the way to a man's heart is indeed through his stomach -- with 86 per cent of Singaporeans admitting that a person's ability to cook is regarded as one of the most desirable qualities in a partner.

Out of 503 Singaporeans surveyed, over a third also said they are likely to help out in the kitchen, as compared to 27 per cent in Taiwan and 31 per cent in Thailand.

“Gone are the days when only men look for the ability to cook in their partner," said a spokeperson for the survey.

Singaporeans Yahoo! Singapore spoke to mostly agreed with the survey's results, citing that one's talent in the kitchen definitely, in one way or other, affects their choice in a life partner.

Said Serena Lee, a student from a local university, "I agree that [a person] being able to cook is appealing… because I myself can't cook well so it definitely is a plus factor if my partner is a good cook."

22-year-old Tan Jia Ying echoed Lee as she said that the ability of a man to cook reflects his independence. "[Moreover], cooking together as a couple definitely helps to add romance in the relationship," she said.

"So being a cooking enthusiast myself, a man who is able to cook well definitely scores higher on my list," she added.

However, Fariz Zain Adams, 28, disagreed with the survey's results. "It seems that the 86 per cent [of Singaporeans] are still rooted to traditional values in choosing a partner," he said, noting that people should look out for other traits such as intelligence, sense of humour and selflessness.

Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that Singaporeans appear to be the most health-conscious in Asia Pacific, as the city-state beat ten other countries such as China, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India and the Philippines to be the most oil-conscious nation.

Stressful lifestyles of most Singaporeans has also led most of them (84 per cent) declaring their preference to dine at home rather than eat out, although 81 per cent of respondents said that they dine out at least once a week.

Singaporeans are also said to spend the least time on food preparation -- as most only spend about 82.5 minutes in the kitchen as compared to the regional average of 96.4 minutes.

But one concerning finding that the survey revealed? About half of the respondents admitted that they still consume food even after the expiration date.