SailGP: All you need to know about this international sailing series

Singapore will be hosting its inaugural Sail Grand Prix event. (PHOTOS: Bob Martin, Eloi Stichelbaut for SailGP)
Singapore will be hosting its inaugural Sail Grand Prix event. (PHOTOS: Bob Martin, Eloi Stichelbaut for SailGP)

SINGAPORE — East Coast Park will come alive this weekend, with colourful catamarans racing at top speeds for honours at the Singapore leg of the Sail Grand Prix (SailGP) international sailing series.

Here's all you need to know about this sailing extravaganza that is making its inaugural appearance in Singapore:

SailGP background

The competition was founded by billionaire Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle Corporation, and sailing great Russell Coutts. Their aim was to establish a commercially-viable global race series with a large audience.

The SailGP format uses fast foiling catamarans in a variety of eye-catching locations around the world. Teams are currently owned by the competition with the intention of becoming privately owned.


'There is no favourite': Team USA chief ahead of Singapore's first SailGP

How it is raced

The F50 catamarans used in the competition are one-design boats maintained and operated by SailGP. Technical information is also shared between teams. This ensures that the outcomes of races are determined by skill and ability, and not technology.

Each SailGP event consists of two days of competitive racing. The first day of racing consists of three fleet races, while the second day consists of two fleet races and a match race final.

The final race of the season is a match race between the three highest-scoring crews over the season, with the winner earning a US$1 million prize.

How the races are scored

Points are awarded per race, with 10 points for the winner, nine points for second place, eight points for third, and so on.

Each event hosts multiple races, with the three highest-scoring teams of the event facing off in an additional final race to decide the podium order. The winner of that match-race final wins the event, with the final standings used to award points for the Championship Leaderboard.

The three highest-scoring teams at the end of the season compete in the Sail GP Grand Final with the winning team awarded the championship.

The 2022/2023 SailGP season

  • Number of events: 11 (Bermuda, Chicago, Plymouth, Copenhagen, Saint-Tropez, Cadiz, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Christchurch and San Francisco).

  • Number of teams: nine (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United States)

  • Top 3 Championship leaders: 1 Australia (60 points) 2 New Zealand (51 pts) 3 France (50 pts).

Singapore SailGP

  • Venue: Parkland Green, East Coast Park

  • Race times - Saturday and Sunday (14 and 15 January): 2pm to 3.30pm on both days.

  • Tickets: The SailGP Beach Club ($380), Waterfront Access ($48), Tech Base Tour ($38), Bring Your Own Boat ($388).

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