Sair Khan gives birth to first child

Sair Khan and her partner Nathan have welcomed a son credit:Bang Showbiz
Sair Khan and her partner Nathan have welcomed a son credit:Bang Showbiz

'Coronation Street' star Sair Khan has given birth to her first child.

The 36-year-old actress - who has played Alya Nazir in the soap since 2014 - shared her baby news with fans on Thursday night (09.05.24) in a post on Instagram revealing she's welcomed a son with her partner Nathan Chilton after a 22-hour labour which she described as an "absolute rollercoaster".

In the post, Sair wrote: "He’s here! Okay, when I said ‘Spring awakening’ in my last post I didn’t mean ‘keep’ me awake. The new parent zombie look is definitely a thing isn’t it.

"More importantly our little boy is just marvellous. Very serious and curious about the world. He’s super strong and so resilient for joining me on the absolute rollercoaster that was our 22 hours of labour. We didn’t quite get the birth i’d hoped for but that’s okay (two birth pools, no water birth)."

She added of her labour: "It was raw and primal and I’m glad I kept an open heart and no expectations because my gosh I had NO IDEA what a ride I was in for.

"And since then we’ve been non stop trying to figure out latches and vomit and tears all while dealing with sleep deprivation and the small issue of trying to heal my own body too. Massive respect to all the new Mamas and Dads trying to get through those first few days and weeks."

Sair - who announced her pregnancy news in December - added: "Somehow we’re off the starting blocks and I’m so unbelievably grateful for our healthy baby, for Nathan and the for the incredible support network around us for their patience, generosity and late night voice notes that have kept me going. Anyone else ever felt like there’s a DJ beat coming from your breast pump at 3am or is that what delirium is?!"