Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott address rumours of ‘crisis talks’

What Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott have said about the crisis talk rumours

Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott address rumours of ‘crisis talks’.
Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott address rumours of ‘crisis talks’. (Getty)

There have been reports that Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott are having "crisis talks" but what have the couple said about it?

It's no secret that the reality TV stars have been working incredibly hard on their own careers. Impressively, they each signed up to two of the biggest reality TV shows late last year and they were supportive of each other's own successes.

Thompson was named King of the Jungle on I'm A Celebrity, thanks to his enthusiasm and fun energy. McDermott was unable to fly to meet Thompson as she had been competing on Strictly Come Dancing at the same time but she was his biggest cheerleader.

Since then, they have been incredibly busy with their work commitments in the spotlight. The Sun were first to report the couple were having "crisis talks" about their relationship in recent weeks due to their work schedules. Thompson and McDermott were spotted having a passionate conversation at Soccer Aid in mid-June and then Thompson was pictured looking emotional at the TRIC Awards last week.

However, both times the couple have spoken out to set the record straight about what was really happening in the photographs. We take a look at what the couple have said.

Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks attend The TRIC Awards 2024. (Getty)
Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks attend The TRIC Awards 2024. (Getty)

This week I'm A Celebrity winner Thompson addressed his "tearful" pap shot on his podcast Staying Relevant, with his best friend Pete Wicks. The I'm A Celeb winner had been pictured looking sad and resting his head on his friend's armpit in the smoking area out the back at the TRIC Awards last week.

The Inside Out cameo star said he had lots of his fans DM-ing him to find out what the truth behind the pap photos were. He said some people had thought the friends had even "set up" the pictures. Breaking the ice, Wicks said on the podcast: "We are going to discuss Sam's tears."

Quickly the actor pointed out he wasn't crying but he confessed he was feeling sad. Here Thompson explained the emotional moment had been linked to a previous set of pap photos where he was having a passionate conversation with his girlfriend.

Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson pictured at The Grosvenor House Hotel.
Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson pictured at The Grosvenor House Hotel. (Getty)

He explained: "I wasn't crying. I just want everyone to know that now. There was a pap shot, right? A number of pap shots. It goes: 'Sam Thompson crying after THAT argument with girlfriend Zara', after the Soccer Aid thing. They linked both of them together.

"There's a few things here. Look there is no way of getting around it. I had received some pretty bad news. I was really sad, I'm not going to lie about it, and Pete being my best mate, he took me outside and the beauty of it was that Pete goes we can't go out the front because there were a lot of paps there."

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Thompson shared his vulnerability in the moment that would later be splashed across the tabloid newspaper headlines. Of the moment, he said: "I let it go. I am head-butting Pete's shoulder. I'm literally caressed into his armpit. He's literally being such a good mate and saying he's always there for me and I'm feeling really sorry for myself. I am like, 'At least nobody is going to see this'. Little did I know that later that day its everywhere."

Despite the emotional moment, Wicks and Thompson had a good laugh about what happened. "The funny part of this," Wicks said. "This picture I look so fed up with your s***." Also, Wicks joked it was Thompson's way of letting out they hadn't won the award. He added: "Can we just point out, things are good now."

Zara McDermott pictured at Soccer Aid. (Getty)
Zara McDermott pictured at Soccer Aid. (Getty)

Earlier in June, McDermott and Thompson were pictured having a passionate conversation after Soccer Aid. The Love Island star was pictured wagging her finger at her boyfriend as they were having a conversation away from the crowds.

McDermott said that the pictures looked like the couple were "having an argument" but she revealed what was really happening behind the scenes. The star said the photographs made her laugh as she was actually trying to give Thompson a pep talk in a passionate way.

She wrote on social media: "Why did this make me laugh so much btw. "Stop saying you should have scored!!!! You did your best and that’s all that matters!! You need to stop doubting yourself!!!!" It looks like we are having an argument but I’m actually telling him positive affirmations in a very passionate manner."

The couple also addressed it on Thompson's podcast Staying Relevant. Thompson said: "We've been papped looking like we're about to tear each other's throats out. It looks I've cheated on her, it's that bad. She's pointing at me with her finger."

McDermott - who was appearing as a star guest on the podcast - then explained the truth. She said: "I'd driven so the car was parked across the road and Sam through the whole night, kept whispering in my ear, 'Could have scored. Could have scored though.'"

Thompson admitted: "I was f***ing furious."

Yahoo News approached Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott's representatives for further comment.

Zara McDermott supported Sam Thompson at Soccer Aid. (Getty)
Zara McDermott supported Sam Thompson at Soccer Aid. (Getty)