SCDF rescues man who fell into Telok Kurau canal and couldn't climb out

Cyclist tries to save man with ladder from nearby house, but man too weak to climb out of slippery drain

Cyclist borrows ladder and climbs down Telok Kurau canal to rescue man who fell
Cyclist climbs down Telok Kurau canal to rescue man who fell, man later saved by SCDF (Photos: Sam Young/Facebook)

SINGAPORE — A man fell into a large canal in Telok Kurau on Sunday morning (17 September), and was eventually rescued by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) after a cyclist tried and could not pull him up.

User Sam Young wrote in a post on the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group that he had been cycling along the Telok Kurau park connector when he noticed the man unable to climb out of the canal.

He borrowed a long ladder from one of the nearby houses, and climbed down to try and pull the man up. The ladder was secured to the canal railing with a nylon rope that was tied by a passer-by.

However, the man had told him that the drain was "too slippery" to climb up, due to the "algae" growth.

Young wrote that the man "seemed too weak to move", and that the water level in the canal was "getting higher".

How the man was found and rescued

Young told Yahoo Southeast Asia that SCDF personnel arrived at the scene 15 minutes later, and rescued the man using the ladder he borrowed.

The SCDF said that they had received a call for assistance near Lorong L Telok Kurau at about 10.10am.

The man was later assessed by the SCDF at the scene, and refused to be sent to the hospital.

Recounting the incident, Young said he was "just trying to help" and is glad the man is safe.

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