Sean Bean bar scuffle over indoor vaping was ‘a misunderstanding’, claims management

Sean Bean bar scuffle over indoor vaping was ‘a misunderstanding’, claims management

A Liverpool bar has claimed that a security incident involving Sean Bean being tackled and ejected after being told to stop vaping indoors was a mere “misunderstanding”.

The Game of Thrones actor is said to have been using an e-smoking device while in Liverpool bar Tom Thumb on Friday (31 May), which provoked a security guard to approach him and ask him to stop.

Witness accounts claim that Bean, 65, was soon physically ejected from the bar after refusing to stop vaping, with video footage showing the star being pulled from his booth by a guard.

Some have claimed Bean was held by the neck and wrestled to the ground.

An unnamed bar patron recalled the scene to Mail Online and admitted that the turn of events was a shock to all.

“I was really surprised and pleased when I first looked up and saw [Bean] sitting there,” the witness began.

“When the bouncer went over to him, I thought it was for a photo, but actually he was asking Sean to stop vaping in the bar.

Sean Bean (Getty Images)
Sean Bean (Getty Images)

“The bouncers were just doing what they do for everyone else – which is fair enough.”

The Independent has reached out to a representative of Sean Bean for comment.

Management at the Tom Thumb bar have since spoken out about the incident, claiming that it was a “misunderstanding” and that the actor and security guard settled their dispute soon afterwards.

“This has all been blown out of proportion. Sean Bean behaved fine and is a great guy, it was a misunderstanding,” a statement made to Metro reads.

“Sean Bean and the doorman shook hands outside the bar and Sean is welcome back anytime.”

The actor, who won Baftas in 2018 and 2022 for his performances in Broken and Time, was involved in another shocking incident while at a bar back in 2011, when he was stabbed in the arm with a piece of broken glass.

Bean was reportedly attacked outside a pub in Camden, north London, after a man made an inappropriate comment towards glamour model April Summers as he passed by.

The actor is said to have followed the man to confront him before later being assaulted outside the pub.

However, witnesses at the time claim Bean brushed off the injury, accepted a first aid kit from the bar staff and proceeded to get another drink.