Sean Combs Under Federal Grand Jury Investigation in New York | Report

Sean “Diddy” Combs is the subject of a new federal investigation in the southern district of New York, NBC reported Wednesday. Investigators are presenting their findings to a federal grand jury, though no charges are imminent, according to the network.

The nature of the investigation is unknown, but according to NBC, Combs is not at the moment a specific target; as a subject he is considered within the scope of the investigation in some fashion.

It’s not known if this case is related to the report in May that federal investigators are preparing to bring various women who have accused Combs of misconduct before a federal grand jury

The report comes as the rap mogul faces multiple lawsuits and accusations of sexual assault and other misconduct. Among them, in November Diddy’s longtime girlfriend Cassie alleged in a federal civil lawsuit that she was repeatedly physically and sexually abused. Combs denied it but settled the lawsuit the next day. The next week, two different women filed lawsuits accusing him of rape and abuse decades earlier.

In May, hotel surveillance video from 2016 was leaked that showed Combs viciously assaulting Cassie.

On June 4, Combs sold his majority stake in Revolt, his hip hip and youth culture-focused media company; he had stepped down as Chairman in November after the lawsuit filed by Cassie. The company didn’t cite the footage from the previous month, but three days later, Howard University rescinded the honorary doctorate it bestowed on Combs in 2014 specifically citing that video.

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