Sean Hayes Cracks Up as He Gets Roasted by Jiminy Glick | Video

Jiminy Glick’s latest victim is Sean Hayes, and much like Bill Hader before him, the “Will & Grace” star could not keep it together opposite Martin Short’s not-so-exaggerated take on junketeer interviewers.

Hayes sat down with Short’s Glick – who first debuted back in 2001 as part of a TV series called “Primetime Glick” – on Wednesday night and was the butt of every joke, including Glick’s opener that saw him mistake Hayes for a server.

“Would you ever do a sitcom?,” Glick asked, leading to Hayes’ first crack-up. When the actor replied that he was on “Will & Grace,” Glick shot back, “With Tony Danza.” “No, that was ‘Who’s the Boss?’,” Hayes replied, to which Glick said, “Now that was a good one.”

Glick then unpacked the premise of “Will & Grace”: “It was about, I understand it, a gal on the go and a dude but they never did the deed because he was… different.”

“Well he was gay, Will was gay,” Hayes said.

“Oh my God, and this was on television?” Glick replied in shock.

“This was on television,” Hayes said.

“Well you know what, this is why Trump’s gonna win,” Glick retorted, leading to a chortle from Hayes.

Glick also got in a joke about Hayes’ Smartless podcast, and when the actor suggested Glick should do a podcast, Short’s character replied, “Oh I don’t know, I’ve never been that broke.”

And Glick also got a ding in at Hayes’ Tony win. “And you won a Tony award! In a very soft year, I bet.”

Short is guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” all week and kicked things off by reprising his Glick character in a short interview with Bill Hader, in which the “Barry” creator and star couldn’t keep it together. Hayes was similarly engulfed in laughter at Short’s quick-witted zingers and out-of-left-field tangents (“Why’s Jon Voight so angry?” he says at one point, out of nowhere).

Watch the full video above.

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