Seatylock: keeping bikes saddle safe

Urban cycling has its downsides -- particularly when it comes to securing your bike hassle-free in the city.

"Seatylock" is a new bike saddle which also doubles as a secure locking system for your wheels, eliminating worry about saddle theft and the need to carry around a bulky lock.

The removable seat features an extendable one-meter long locking arm with hardened steel links which can be unfolded and used to secure the bicycle to an external object in 30 seconds.

The saddle comes in two sizes -- the 16cm wide "Trekking" seat and the 21 cm "Comfort", both available in vibrant colorways.

Thanks to an adaptor, the seat is compatible with any standard bike on the market.

"We were disturbed by bicycle security and all the inconvenience that comes along with it," explains the New York-based startup.

"Seatylock evolved from an abstract idea into a clear vision of what we wanted to create."

"Seatylock" is currently listed on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where it is retaiing for a starting price of $75. Delivery is scheduled for March 2015.