Secret service 'threatened to tase' Travis Kelce at White House

Travis Kelce reveals secret service members genuinely threatened to "tase" him at the White House.

The 34-year-old NFL star - who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and is in a relationship with Taylor Swift - addressed the nation alongside his Super Bowl LVIII winning teammates and President Joe Biden last week, and he made a cheeky quip during his brief comments.

On Friday (31.05.24), he teased: "My fellow Americans, it's nice to see you all yet again.

"I'm not gonna lie, President Biden, they told me if I came up here I'd get tased. So, I'm gonna go back to my spot."

Now, speaking on his 'New Heights' podcast, he said: admitted: "That's real.

"The secret service that's all over the White House, they weren't too happy with me. They weren't too happy with me on my second time visiting."

Last year, Travis stepped up to the podium for a spontaneous moment as he and his Patrick Mahomes visited to give Biden a custom jersey after their Super Bowl LVII win.

He joked that he had been "waiting for this", before his taemmate stopped him, apologised, and ushed him back to the group.

To make matters worse, he had also turned up with "an expired ID".

This year, he explained: "I made sure, because of what happened last time and how embarrassed I was for going to the White House with an expired ID, I made sure that I brought my passport with me this time.

"I was doing things the right way because everyone has to do that at the White House."

Despite taking extra care, he was still under the watchful eye of security officials, who gave him the stark warning as he went into the room.

He recalled: "When I walked in, we had about four or five secret service members come up to me and go, 'You know that if you go up to that podium we are authorised to tase you? It is actually ordered for us to tase you.' "

Travis had no clue that Biden would call him up, and he joked he could feel the eyes - and taser - on him as he said his piece.

He added: "He walked right up and the first thing he said was, [to] give me the floor. I felt taser aimed at me when I was up there the whole time."