You Need to See Daniel Craig’s New Look for Benoit Blanc

Detective Benoit Blanc was just spotted with a new hairdo, which can mean only one thing: Director Rian Johnson’s next Knives Out film is finally in production. Perhaps Detective Blanc’s long locks signal that the third movie, officially titled Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery, will take place in an equally breezy location. The White Lotus crew has its eyes on Thailand, but I hear Portugal is all the rage these days.

Speculation aside, I’m excited to see some progress with this film. It’s been ages since Janelle Monae’s Andi Brand pulled off that epic plot twist in the sequel (which we’re still thinking about, by the way). We need a new mystery! Now that Netflix has started production, it won’t be long before we accompany Detective Blanc on yet another investigation.

Currently, Wake up Dead Man is slated to hit theaters in 2025. While we wait, let’s review everything we know about the upcoming film.

Who Is in Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery?

Short answer: everyone with a Hollywood address. Deadline reports that Daniel Craig (duh), Josh Brolin, Josh O’Connor, Mila Kunis, Kerry Washington, Cailee Spaeny, Daryl McCormack, and Andrew Scott have all been confirmed. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Glenn Close will join the fun, too.

This sounds like a great lineup, but who do we have to call to get Ayo Edebiri in there, too? Picture this: Ayo and Glenn team up to bamboozle Benoit Blanc. If anyone could screw up his investigation, it’s them. Surely someone somewhere can make that happen.

What Happens in Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery?

Netflix has not divulged the plot quite yet, so let’s try to guess who kicks the can. Who? My money’s on Andrew Scott. He’s the right amount of famous for the role. Think about it. The dead man in Knives Out was Christopher Plummer, then it was Janelle Monae’s turn. Who else would Johnson kill off? The victim is always a beloved and seasoned star—and thanks to his stint on Fleabag, Scott fits the bill.

When does Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery Come Out?

The premiere date is yet another mystery. For what it’s worth, Netflix promised a 2025 debut. That’s only eighteen months away at most. Not too shabby!

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