How to build Seele, Honkai: Star Rail's first banner character

Seele is a fearsome DPS character, excelling against single targets while still being able to clear entire mobs of enemies in the right situation.

Honkai: Star Rail is finally out! And with the game's release, Seele is its first-ever 5-star event banner character. Read on to find out how to best build Seele! (Photos: HoYoverse)
Honkai: Star Rail is finally out! And with the game's release, Seele is its first-ever 5-star event banner character. Read on to find out how to best build Seele! (Photos: HoYoverse)

The Astral Express has left the station, Honkai: Star Rail is finally out now!

While Honkai: Star Rail gives players a wonderful cast of starter characters to play with at launch, they can also try to get the game’s first-ever 5-star event banner character: Seele!

Seele is known as the ‘Butterfly that triggered the Storm’, a spirited and valiant member of Wildfire, the ruling faction of the Belobog Underworld in Jarilo VI.

Seele wields the Quantum element and follows the Hunt Path, excelling in single-target damage.

But while she specialises in dispatching lone enemies, she can quickly take down an entire mob of enemies in the right situation.

Read on as we break down Seele’s kit and how you can best utilise her!

Butterfly of Tempest

Seele’s normal attack, Thwack, deals Quantum DMG equal to 50% of her ATK to a single enemy and will be her primary method of building up energy.

Her skill, Sheathed Blade, deals Quantum DMG equal to 110% of her ATK to a single enemy while giving her a 25% Speed bonus for 2 turns.

While this skill’s damage-dealing capabilities is its main draw, don’t underestimate the Speed bonus that it gives. Speed is very important in combat, as it determines how often a character gets a turn to act. With enough Speed, and Seele gets a lot of it, you can have multiple turns to attack before the enemy can even get theirs!

Seele’s ultimate, Butterfly Flurry, lets her enter a buffed state and deals Quantum DMG equal to 240% of her ATK to a single enemy.

So far, all of Seele’s skills let her deal a lot of damage to a single target, and that plays into her talent: Resurgence. Whenever Seele defeats an enemy, she enters a buffed state that increases her DMG by 40% for 1 turn and receives an extra action.

Thanks to Resurgence, Seele can take down mobs of enemies by herself once she gains momentum. While it won’t grant an extra action if you defeat another enemy during the extra turn, it still lets you snowball into a nigh-unstoppable offensive juggernaut.

Seele’s Traces also helps her excel in her role as a force of destruction. Her A4 Trace, Rippling Waves, advances her next action forward by 20% after using a normal attack, letting her snowball offensively.

Her A6 Trace, Lacerate, further strengthens her buffed state from Butterfly Flurry and Resurgence, increasing her Quantum RES PEN by 20%.

Seele’s abilities are not all about offence though. Her A2 Trace, Nightshade, gives her some measure of protection by reducing the chance of her being attacked by enemies when her current HP is at or lower than 50% of her Max HP.

When levelling up Seele’s abilities, we recommend prioritising Resurgence first, Sheathed Blade second, Butterfly Flurry third, and her normal attacks last. With that said, they should all be equally maxed out when possible.

When in battle, Seele uses her normal attacks to build up energy and advance her next action with Rippling Waves. Once she has enough energy, she can use her skill and ultimate to enter a buffed state and take down an enemy, after which Resurgence grants her an extra action and lets her continue wailing on another target.

Once Seele gains enough momentum, there’s very little that can stop her. Go all out on the offence with her, but make sure she has teammates that can help her with buffs, healing, and defence.

Seele's best equipment

Light Cone

Seele’s hands-down best Light Cone is her 5-star signature, ‘In the Night’, which increases her Crit Rate while providing stacking ATK, Skill DMG, and ultimate Crit DMG buffs for every 10 Speed she has over 100. Since you’re building a lot of Speed on Seele, this Light Cone makes it very easy to really boost her damage.

If you don’t have Seele’s signature, a good alternative 5-star Light Cone is the ‘Cruising in the Stellar Sea’, which gives massive Crit Rate buffs while also increasing her ATK whenever she defeats an enemy. As you can tell, this Light Cone greatly synergises with Seele’s kit.

If you’re looking for an F2P option, then we recommend the 3-star Light Cone ‘Arrow’, which gives a Crit Rate buff for the first 3 turns of every battle.


As for Seele’s relics, her best bet is the 4-piece ‘Genius of Brilliant Stars’ set, which gives her a 10% Quantum DMG bonus while also letting them ignore 25% of the enemy’s DEF if they have a Quantum weakness.

Alternatively, you can go for the 2-piece ‘Inert Salsotto’ set, which increases Seele’s Crit Rate while also increasing her Ultimate and follow-up ATK DMG by 15% if her Crit Rate reaches 50% or higher.

The main stats you should go for are Crit, Speed, Quantum DMG%, and ATK% while the substats you should prioritise are Crit, Speed, ATK%, and BREAK.

Seele best teammates

With Seele’s immense offensive prowess, she can be the sole damage-dealer in your party and can be surrounded with supports that helps her deal more damage while providing healing and defense.

Bronya and Asta are by far Seele’s best supports. Bronya increases the party’s ATK and grants them additional turns while Asta boosts her teammates’ Speed. With these two alongside Seele, she can wipe out entire mobs without even giving enemies the chance to retaliate.

Of course, sustainability is still needed, and Bailu is the best character for that at launch. If you don’t have Bailu, then other defense-oriented characters like March 7th and Natasha are also good picks.

Seele is Honkai: Star Rail's first-ever 5-star event banner character, being featured in the first half of the game's 1.0 version. The second half will feature Jing Yuan.

Honkai: Star Rail officially launched on 26 April on PC, Android, and iOS. The game will also be made available on PlayStation some time after release. You can download the game here.

For everything you need to know about Honkai: Star Rail, check here. If you're looking for a guide to help you get started in the game, we also got you covered.

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