These senators voted against the stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown

These senators voted against the stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown

Thirteen Senators voted against the short-term spending bill to help avert a partial government shutdown on Thursday.

GOP Sens. Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), Mike Braun (Ind.), Ted Budd (N.C.), Mike Crapo (Idaho), Ted Cruz (Texas), Josh Hawley (Mo.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Mike Lee (Utah), Roger Marshall (Kan.), Eric Schmitt (Mo.), Rick Scott (Fla.), Tommy Tuberville (Ala.) and JD Vance (Ohio) voted against the measure Thursday night.

The upper chamber voted 77-13 to advance the funding measure, sending the bill to President Biden’s desk. The Senate passed the legislation just hours after the House voted 320-99 to advance the measure.

The bill keeps funding the departments of Agriculture; Interior; Transportation; Housing and Urban Development; Veterans Affairs; Energy; Justice; Commerce; and other departments through March 8.

Now, members have until March 22 to agree and pass funding for the legislative branch, foreign operations and the Pentagon, along with the Departments of Health, Human Services, State and Homeland Security, Labor and Education.

Right before the bill’s passage, four amendments were voted on. Cruz, one of 13 senators who voted against the passage, tried attaching proposals from H.R. 2, the House’s border security bill, which would’ve forced the lower chamber to pass the spending package again.

The funding measure passed a day after being announced by the House and Senate leaders. The stopgap allows members more time to negotiate on full-year funding.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (Conn.), the top Democrat member on the House Appropriations Committee, said no “poison pills” were in the funding batch, namely Republican proposals targeting abortion access.

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