Sergio Perez Exclusive Interview at Jewel Changi | F1 Singapore 2023

Join us for an exclusive interview with Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez at the breathtaking Jewel Changi, as he prepares for his 250th race at the F1 Night Race in Singapore 2023. Get an insider's view of Perez's race preparations, his thoughts on the challenging Marina Bay Street Circuit.







Video transcript


SERGIO PEREZ: Hi, I'm Sergio Perez, and I drive for Oracle Red Bull Racing. I feel great. I feel really happy to come back here. Great memories from last year, my 250th race in Formula 1. So yeah, looking forward to it.

Yeah, I mean, it's a good point. You know, as an athlete, everyone is different. But what you have to make sure is that you are able to focus on things that really require your time, your energy. Don't focus on what people say or have to comment on you. Sometimes there are comments that you can really take them on board and that they're right. But sometimes, there are things that you have to let it go, you know, and make sure that you focus on the things that make you a better athlete.

And that's something these days, you know, I think as an athlete, with the social media world, has become a lot harder because there is a lot of pressure out there that we are able to see constantly. And that's something that we've got to be aware of as an athlete-- to make sure we are able to stay away from that- because that doesn't bring any more performance to you. It goes hand-in-hand, but I would say that the mental stress these days is a lot harder-- but not just for athletes, you know? Just for human beings.

The world has changed a lot, and these days, it is very important to be able to know, to recognize that sort of issues, and make sure that you are able to stay away from that.

Yeah, my family have my outside life of the sport, and that's something that really helps me out a lot.

It's hard, you know? Because sometimes, you don't really get to know the person until you are close to. So that's something quite difficult, too. Yeah, but I think just any athlete in the world is very easy to judge from the outside, but you don't really know what he's been through on the other side.

A lot of questions. [LAUGHS] We normally get asked a lot of questions through our weekend, you know? Because if you think the amount of media Formula One drivers have to do, we go through-- I don't know how many broadcasters are out there, but we go through most of them after qualifying or after a race. And so yeah, we are-- I think it's a sport that is exposed a lot to media. So there are a lot of questions.