Seth Meyers muses on Republicans’ plan for Biden’s SOTU

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday, Seth Meyers took the time to poke fun at Republicans who cannot stand that the fact that Mr Biden will be making the speech – despite it being his constitutional duty to do so.

Meyers rolled various Fox News and Fox Business clips expressing their dismay over Mr Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address, including a soundbite from Republican representative Scott Perry suggesting that he should not be invited.

“He comes at the invitation of Congress; the Republicans are in charge of the House. There is no reason we need to invite him to get more propaganda,” he said on Mornings with Maria.

“I love how Biden is always trying to make bipartisanship happen, and Republicans respond by going, ‘I think we should be allowed to brick up all his doors so he can’t leave the house,’” Meyers joked.

“The State of the Union is a sacred constitutional duty, and you’re talking about it the way Susie on Curb [Your Enthusiam] talks about hosting a dinner party,” he continued.

“You know what Lar? If you don’t like the food, then get the f*** out of here. There’s no reason to invite you, you four-eyed f***,” mimicking the TV show character speaking to Larry David.

Meyers teases Tucker Carlson over his post-SOTU livestream plans ('Late Night with Seth Meyers')
Meyers teases Tucker Carlson over his post-SOTU livestream plans ('Late Night with Seth Meyers')

“Now, maybe I’m being hard on Republicans,” Meyers said. “Maybe they are just petulant children who can’t stand the idea of President Biden at the State of the Union.”

Mr Biden’s address did go ahead on Thursday, and included him laying into Donald Trump, referring to him as his “predecessor”, and also spoke on a promise to restore Roe v Wade and plans for aid delivery in Gaza, among other topics.

“Now, if you’re looking for some analysis of Biden’s speech after it’s over, there are plenty of reputable places to go and trustworthy journalists to follow for serious, sober discussion or good-faith criticism,” Meyers said.

“Or if you want to feel like you just inhaled a cocktail of ketamine, asbestos and venison, you could crawl into the dark corners of the weird wide web and watch this dweeb,” referring to Tucker Carlson, who said he would go live after the address.

“Ooh, I can’t wait to find out if Biden covered any of Tucker’s favourite topics, like tanning your testicles, eating insects, the awesomeness of Putin,” Meyers joked, as well as adding the green M&M to the end of that list, a candy that Carlson has particularly taken up arms with for being too “woke” after swapping her boots for sneakers on advertising campaigns.