Seth Meyers Has A Theory About Lauren Boebert's Bizarre Public Urination Fixation

Seth Meyers thinks Rep. Lauren Boebert’s own team might be out to get her.

Besides incompetence and idiocy, that was the only explanation the “Late Night” host could come up with to explain the Colorado Republican’s embarrassingly incorrect tirade about public urination at a House committee hearing on Wednesday.

“Are you not capable of doing a Google before appearing at committee hearings in Congress? Or does Boebert think doing a Google is also slang for public urination?” Meyers said Thursday.

“I think Lauren Boebert’s staff hates her and gave her bad information as a prank,” he added.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Boebert grilled District of Columbia Council member Charles Allen on changes to city laws that she said would decriminalize public urination. Boebert repeatedly asked the questions as if she were about to catch him out.

But, as Allen repeatedly informed her, there was no change.

Check out Meyers’ roast below.