Several Go-Jek S’pore Users Charged For Unfulfilled Rides – Some Drivers Blame It On App Glitch

[Update: 23 January 2019, 2:30pm]

Another Go-Jek user have taken to Facebook today about another unfulfilled ride incident, sharing a screenshot of his conversation with his driver:

Based on the conversation, it seems like his assigned Go-Jek driver did not even pick him up from his location but he was charged for the trip nevertheless.

In a confrontational message with his driver in-app, the said driver blamed the issue on Go-Jek’s app instead.

“It’s Go-Jek’s app problem, not me. I did report to Go-Jek a lot of times about this problem, but they still haven’t fixed it,” he reasoned.

He went on to apologise to the rider and claimed that he’s making a call to Go-Jek to alert them on this matter.

Another Facebook user, who is presumably a Go-Jek driver too, also believes that the problem lies with the app.

Screenshot from Facebook

When contacted, Go-Jek did not touch on why these unfulfilled ride complaints are happening or why customers’ refunds are being delayed.

Instead, it claims that they actively looking into the matter and will be reaching out directly to the riders and driver-partners involved.

“[We] will ensure that swift and appropriate action is taken to resolve the situation. We are striving to continuously improve the Go-Jek experience for both riders and driver-partners.”

When Indonesia’s ride-hailing giant Go-Jek finally entered the Singapore market on 29 November 2018 (beta launch), many expressed their joy at a new app alternative besides Grab, which has been dominating the local ride-hailing scene since past rival Uber exited regional markets.

The entry of a new player has triggered many Grab drivers to jump on board Go-Jek’s bandwagon, and users were also excited at the prospect of a possible price war.

During Go-Jek’s beta phase, dynamic pricing was not applicable and this caused its fares to be almost half of Grab’s during peak periods. The cheaper fares undoubtedly won users over, coupled with its $5 off promo codes for new users.

But the happiness didn’t last for long as complaints towards Go-Jek have now surfaced on social media.

On January 20 (Sunday), Facebook user Naomi Hoe shared her friend’s Go-Jek experience, in which she was charged for an unfulfilled ride.

Her friend had posted an Instagram Story featuring a screenshot of her Go-Jek trip with the following caption:

What an ass. How dare you “complete” the ride and charge me. You didn’t reply nor pick me up, wth (what the hell). Been trying to call Go-Jek for the past 9 minutes, still no one [picked] up. Go-Jek, step up your game or Grab may just crush you too.

Naomi then shared this particular post on Facebook and warned fellow Go-Jek users to “[not] use card, only cash”.

She added that Go-Jek drivers are apparently able to “complete” a ride without actually doing so, giving them the liberty to also wilfully charge unsuspecting riders without even picking them up.

Many Go-Jek Singapore Users Suffered The Same Fate

The said Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering 4,000 shares since it was uploaded.

Many other Go-Jek users have stepped up to voice the same experience, sharing screenshots of their own trip history. One Facebook user in particular, said that her friend “kena from the same driver.”

Lack Of Response From Go-Jek, Majority Still Gets No Refund

Separately, another Go-Jek user Andy Lim, shared further with Vulcan Post on his unpleasant experience with Go-Jek:

I took a ride on 13 December 2018 from Far East Shopping Centre back home to Seng Kang. I got a driver and she accepted the ride, but it was marked as completed, even though she was nowhere near my location.

A supposed 16km trip lasted for only 54 seconds

“On the receipt, it was marked as a completed trip — but in 54 seconds traveling 16 km. My credit card was charged and Go-Jek was very non-responsive about it. I called but was put on hold, and I also sent 8 emails to chase. [With] every email, they [opened] a new help ticket.”

Andy added that he received two responses from them so far. The first reply asked him for the ride number and receipt, which was already provided in the email. But after furnishing them with the details (again), Go-Jek went silent on him.

For the second response, Go-Jek promised him a refund by the end of January. A quick check on his bank’s transaction history showed that the refund was finally credited to his account today (January 22).

“They’ve been really shit with this (customer service), and it’s frustrating because it seems that you have no way to see recourse. Their help page is useless. Go-Jek came into the market with no proper processes in place, [and] that’s very irresponsible,” lamented Andy.

Go-Jek’s lack of response wasn’t an isolated case — many affected users also complained of the same thing. One user even said that he failed to receive a refund “after almost 2 months”.

To add on, Go-Jek does not allow its users who have linked their credit cards to the app to remove it. To be on the safe side, it’s best if users choose the cash payment option for now.

Screenshot of Go-Jek’s FAQ page

Go-Jek has yet to respond on this matter and while it is still unclear if their drivers are abusing the app’s payment system or if it’s an honest mistake on the drivers’ part, Go-Jek should still have the courtesy to promptly reply customers and help expedite the refund process.

Poor customer service on their part might just result in a lost customer for good.

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