Sexy ghost too sexy for most?

Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang
Sexy ghost too sexy for most?

20 Apr - A sex scene between Chinese beauty Crystal Liu Yi Fei and Louis Koo in "A Chinese Ghost Story" has apparently been lost to the cutting room floor for its 18-rated theatrical release in Malaysia.

Playing demoness and demon hunter in yet another adaptation of the popular story, the said scene appears very early on in the film and is part of a flashback montage about their ill-fated romance.

No comment can be obtained from Golden Screen Cinemas, who played it at the Malaysian preview for pressmen yesterday.

However, it is learned that the Singaporean version, rated a tame PG (Parental Guidance), does not suffer the same.

23-year-old Crystal Liu plays Nie Xiaoqian in this Wilson Yip ("Ip Man") reupdate on the Qing Dynasty fable.

The cross-genre movie reveals plenty of bareback action from her, while she was also noted to have appeared in a low-cut golden dress to compliment her figure at the Beijing launch earlier in February.

In 2008, Liu starred with martial arts icons Jet Li and Jackie Chan in "The Forbidden Kingdom", in which she played Golden Sparrow, an orphan seeking revenge against her parents' killer. In 2010, she starred in "Love In Disguise" with Wang Lee Hom.

"A Chinese Ghost Story" opens tomorrow in Malaysia under the distribution of Golden Screen Cinemas and in Singapore under the joint-distribution of Golden Village Pictures and Encore Films.