SG Bike completes takeover of 25,000 Mobike bicycles

PHOTO: SG Bike/Facebook
PHOTO: SG Bike/Facebook

SINGAPORE — Bicycle-sharing operator SG Bike announced on Wednesday (27 November) that it has officially taken over Mobike’s licence of 25,000 bicycles to become Singapore’s largest bike-sharing operator.

After making the initial announcement about the takeover on 13 August, SG Bike has since received approval from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for the move.

All existing Mobike bicycles can now be unlocked using SG Bike’s mobile app. As the existing Mobike app has been discontinued, users must transfer and convert their Mobike accounts credit and ride pass to SG Bike accounts with the SG Bike app.

Free rides for first 30 minutes of each trip

SG Bike announced on its webpage that, as it is undertaking a trial period to fine-tune its new resources, it is offering its users free rides on the Mobike bicycles for the first 30 minutes of each trip. The offer will end at a later date and users will be notified via the SG Bike app.

According to The Straits Times, SG Bike currently operates 3,000 of its own bicycles, mainly in Tampines, East Coast and Yishun. Mobike has about 18,000 bicycles deployed around Singapore, with another 7,000 in its stores.

Mobike, along with ofo and oBike, had deployed more than 100,000 shared bicycles in Singapore at their peak. However, the three firms have since left the market, after struggling to come up with sustainable business models amid new LTA regulations.

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