Shannen Doherty blasts ex for disrespecting her with 'many affairs'

Shannen Doherty couldn't "wrap her head around" her ex having "many, many affairs".

The 53-year-old actress - who didn't name the ex in question but has previously accused her ex-husband Kurt Iswarienjo of being "intimately involved" with his agent before their divorce in April 2023 - explained that while she understands a relationship might not work, she has never understood a lack of "respect" between partners.

Speaking on the 'Let's Be Clear With Shannen Doherty' podcast, she said: "What I don't understand and what I can never wrap my head around is why someone thinks that they don't owe you as a human being respect...

"I know that for me personally, it's been very hard to find that somebody I was in a relationship with wasn't just one affair.

"It was like many, many affairs. So for me, that's like, wow.”

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star has found herself wondering if the former flame in question didn't respect her "from day one".

She added: "f you didn't respect me from day one, why would you marry me?

"Why would you commit to a relationship if you couldn't even be loyal from almost, I think, what a year and a half after we were married or something?”

Meanwhile, the alleged infidelity meant Shannen "lost all respect" for her ex.

She said: “You no longer have respect for the other person. I lost all respect.

"I lost any ounce of love I had left in me for this person and... despise seems like a harsh word, but I mean it in the sense of when you have that little respect for someone that I then eventually developed, you kind of do despise them."

The 'Charmed' actress also pondered the idea that "being in bad relationships, dealing with a narcissist and being gaslighted" can sometimes be needed to help someone "grow and learn a lesson".

She added: "I know that currently, I'm in a very different place than I was over a year ago. I've such a fight on my hands with cancer that I don't have the time for fights with everybody else.

"I just don't. And certainly not in my personal life. And I don't have time for somebody who cheats.”