Sharon Stone: 'I would really like to have my life back'

Sharon Stone wants her acting career back, following a 2001 stroke.

The 66-year-old actress revealed her health negatively impacted her career but she would love to get back to doing what she loves.

She told The Times newspaper: "I still don't have my acting career back. I would really like to work again as an actor so much … not just a weak, supporting part.

"I'd like to really have the parts that I have earned and can do. I would really like to have my own real career back. I would really like to have my life back."

Sharon admitted she went through hell after the stroke, which impacted every area of her life.

She said: "Because it took seven years to really recover and I did lose custody of my child. And I did lose my career and I did lose $15 million — every cent I had — in child support and court fees … So I didn't really bounce back and have a rebirth.

"I would really like to have my life back. I didn't rebound and it isn't some kind of wonderful story. It'd be great if it was, but it isn't. I survived."

And, Sharon revealed doctors only gave her a one per cent chance of survival.

She said: "I pretty much knew it was serious when I came to on the floor and I couldn't get up and I kept calling for help and I couldn't get it. I thought: 'I'm having a stroke'.

"I couldn't walk. I couldn't talk. I couldn't read. I couldn't write my own name. I was stuttering. When I reached for something, I had no depth perception. It was complete psychological chaos."