Sharon Stone says Kevin Spacey can't come back because he 'offended men'

Sharon Stone believes Kevin Spacey will never be allowed to mount a comeback because he "offended men".

The 64-year-old actor's career crumbled after he was accused of sexual offences in the US and the UK, but he was acquitted after a trial in London in 2023 and a civil suit against him in New York found him not liable, but 'Basic Instinct' star Stone is convinced Spacey will never be allowed back into Hollywood because the alleged offences were against men rather than women.

Referring to previous comments she made about Spacey, Stone told The Hollywood Reporter: "People are mad at me for that. I said that after being in therapy for seven years, not being allowed to work, losing his home, losing everything, he should be allowed to come back.

"He’s reached out to everybody he’s offended and said he’s sorry. Kevin grabbed people by their genitals. Many people. But nobody [has publicly said] he’s raped them or forced them into a sexual encounter.

"But there’s so much hatred for him because in his case it was man-on-man. That’s why he’s not allowed to come back. Because he offended men."

Stone went on to insist she's been "grabbed" by many men over the years and has never received an apology.

She added: "Can I tell you how many men have grabbed my genitals in my lifetime? A lot more than Kevin Spacey has grabbed men’s genitals. And none of them has ever apologised to me."

The actress previously insisted the 'House Of Cards' star should be allowed to get back to work, telling the Telegraph newspaper: "I can’t wait to see Kevin back at work. He is a genius. He is so elegant and fun, generous to a fault and knows more about our craft than most of us ever will ...

"It’s terrible that they are blaming him for not being able to come to terms with themselves for using him and negotiating with themselves because they didn’t get their secret agendas."