'She Is Watching': Ex-Aide Says Melania Trump Is Very Interested In 1 Part Of Trial

Stephanie Grisham, a former aide to Melania Trump, on Monday said the former first lady will be taking a keen interest in the developments in her husband Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

CNN’s Erin Burnett noted how David Pecker — who, as former publisher of the National Enquirer, oversaw the “catch and kill” of potentially harmful stories about Trump during his 2016 campaign — admitted in court Monday to having a private email account for things he “didn’t want my assistant to see.”

Burnett asked Grisham if Melania Trump is “prepared” for the possibility that more embarrassing details could emerge from that email account about her husband.

The presumptive GOP nominee’s case is focused on the alleged falsification of business documents to cover up hush money paid, before the 2016 election, to porn actor Stormy Daniels to silence her about their earlier alleged affair.

“I can guarantee she is watching every ounce of coverage and when that [about Pecker’s private email] came out, it piqued her interest,” Grisham, who served as chief of staff and press secretary to Melania Trump, told Burnett.

“Melania is very much about proof, show proof, and so if some more damaging stuff should come out that she didn’t know about because of course her husband continues to deny all of the details here, about Stormy especially,” she added.

“If some other stuff comes out I think that’ll be really interesting to watch because you can’t really dispute things that are in writing and that’s something she always paid quite a bit of attention to, was proof,” said Grisham.

Elsewhere in the segment, above, Grisham questioned a report that Melania Trump had in private called the trial a “disgrace” that was tantamount to election interference ahead of the 2024 vote.

“If that were the case, she would at least put that out on X. She would say something,” said Grisham. “Melania Trump absolutely does what she wants to do. And if she felt this was a disgrace, she would say something.”

Instead, Melania Trump on Monday promoted on social media her new $245 “Love & Gratitude” necklace.

“Nothing on the websites suggests that the money raised is going to charity or anything like that,” said Burnett, who asked what the money could be used for.

Grisham replied, “So, I try not to laugh at the thought that she would be raising money for his defense. I’m so sorry, that’s absolutely not going to be it.”

Instead, Melania Trump will be “doing it for herself,” she said.

Grisham said she would have advised the ex-FLOTUS that hawking jewelry at the start of her husband’s criminal trial is “probably not a very good look” and would also have suggested she donate the profits to charity.