Simon Cowell 'battling moles' at new country home

Simon Cowell is reportedly battling an army of moles at his new £8 million mansion.

The 64-year-old TV mogul bought the house in the Cotswolds last year after selling off his pad in London but he's now said to have discovered the garden is full of molehills after the furry fiends moved into the grounds of his country estate.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It was fine when they moved in. Now the gardens are riddled with molehills.

"They started off on the sunny hillside quite a distance from the house. But the moles seem to be getting braver and quite a few have popped up by the living room window, pool, and patio. It’s like they’re taking over."

Simon and his fiancee Lauren Silverman, 45, previously lived in the upmarket area of Holland Park in London but they swapped city life for a new home in rural Oxfordshire and Simon is pleased his nine-year-old son Eric can enjoy an outdoorsy childhood similar to his own.

Simon told Access Hollywood: "He's like me. He likes being outside, you know. He's kind of doing all the things I did as a kid where he's playing football outside, he's climbing trees, he's running. And that's what we have ... We're in the countryside so he gets to do tonnes of things outside so I'm happy and he loves it there."

Simon is said to have sold off his £45 million London mansion after a series of home invasions at the property and a previous report suggested the 'Britain's Got Talent' boss has been enjoying living a more "anonymous life" outside of the capital.

A source told People: "He moved into the home a few months ago and is really enjoying the freedom of country life. Simon loves his cars and he can now drive them around the country lanes as much as he wants. He's still going to keep doing his work in the U.S. but now has a home to come back to where he can relax that's away from London. In Holland Park, he couldn't ever step outside his door without being stopped by someone, and now he can just kick back and live a relatively anonymous life, which is what he wants."