Singapore actor Mark Lee hints at sequel to award-nominated movie 'Number 1'

Fans shower social media post showing new movie script with excitement over anticipation of sequel

Singapore actor Mark Lee (left) and Number 1 movie poster
Singapore actor Mark Lee (left) and Number 1 movie poster (Photos: Mark Lee Kok Huang/Facebook and MM2 Entertainment/Facebook)

SINGAPORE - Singapore actor-comedian Mark Lee teased fans to a sequel of hit movie "Number 1" - for which he earned a Golden Horse "Best Leading Actor" nomination - in a Instagram post on Tuesday (6 June).

The post displayed what seems to be a photo of a script bearing the title "Number 1 2" in Mandarin, alongside a caption stating that the 54-year-old has been "waiting for a long time" and that he had just received the script and it is "still warm" off the press. The name of the first film's director, Ong Kuo Sin, is also prominent in the photo.

Singapore company mm2 Entertainment, which produced the first film, allegedly confirmed news of the sequel by reposting Lee’s Instagram post via Instagram story with the sticker "Coming Soon".

Fans have expressed their excitement on social media, with many saying they are looking forward to the highly-awaited sequel.

Lee garnered critical acclaim for his role in "Number 1" as Chee Beng, a retrenched middle-aged man who accidentally becomes a night-club drag queen sensation.

The movie, released in 2020, won Best Makeup and Costume Design at the 57th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, along with Lee's acting nomination.