Singapore actor Peter Yu snags first acting nomination at Star Awards: 'Everyone still remembers me’

Showbiz veteran has been making his mark in the local indie film scene since leaving Mediacorp in 2000

Singapore actor Peter Yu at the 71st Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.
Singapore actor Peter Yu at the 71st Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. (PHOTO: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

He has been making his mark in the local indie film scene, but Singapore actor Peter Yu has now received his first Star Awards acting nomination this year.

The 55-year-old is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in his role on Cash On Delivery, a drama about delivery workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though he has been in showbiz for 34 years, Yu scored only one win at the annual awards ceremony in 1997 for Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award. He was last nominated in that category in 1998, before leaving Mediacorp in 2000.

Surprised with some excitement

Speaking to 8world, he said the Star Awards is something that was “very far away” for him, and so he felt “very surprised with some excitement” on his acting nomination.

He added, “Although this is where my acting career started, I am not currently an artiste contracted with the TV station, so I never thought I would have the chance to be nominated. This also shows that everyone still remembers me, especially since the acting award nominees are selected by professionals.

“This makes me feel that my nomination is a good new beginning for my return to the entertainment industry."

Rating his chances of winning

Yu is nominated for Best Supporting Actor along with local actors Andie Chen (who scored a double nomination with Best Actor), Zhu Houren, Darren Lim and Zhang Zetong.

When asked about his chances of winning, Yu told 8world that he has not had the time to watch his own show or the works of his fellow nominees, but admitted that he wants to win.

He shared, “If you say you don't want to win, then why get nominated? But even if I lose in the end, I will continue to work hard and tell myself to try again next year."

The Star Awards is Mediacorp’s annual celebration of content and talent in local Chinese entertainment.

Star Awards nominations:

  • Best Actor: Andie Chen (Silent Walls), Chen Han Wei (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), Desmond Tan (All That Glitters), Jeremy Chan (All That Glitters), Richie Koh (Cash on Delivery).

  • Best Actress: Chantalle Ng (All That Glitters), Jernelle Oh (Cash on Delivery), Joanne Peh (SHERO), Kym Ng (Till The End), Rui En (Oppa, Saranghae!).

  • Best Supporting Actor: Andie Chen (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), Darren Lim (SHERO), Peter Yu (Cash on Delivery), Zhang Zetong (All That Glitters), Zhu Houren (Till The End).

  • Best Supporting Actress: Aileen Tan (SHERO), Chen Liping (The Sky is Still Blue), Hong Huifang (Strike Gold), Jin Yinji (Cash on Delivery), Ya Hui (Family Ties).

  • Best Programme Host (Entertainment & Infotainment): Chen Shucheng (Foodie Trio), Darren Lim (Fixer 4), Guo Liang (The Zoe and Liang Show), Kym Ng (Old Taste Detective S4), Quan Yifong (Hear U Out S4).

  • Young Talent Award: Alfred Ong (All That Glitters), Tesla Ang (Cash on Delivery), Ivory Chia (All That Glitters), Natalie Mae Tan (All That Glitters), Andre Teo (Foodie Trio).

  • Best Rising Star: Hank Wang (Stranger in the Dark), Isabelle Quek (Curious City S2), Karyn Wong (Battle of the Buskers), Yang Yan (Stranger in the Dark), Yunis To (Stranger in the Dark).

  • Best Audio Personality: Chen Ning (The DAKA Show), Dennis Chew (The Breakfast Quintet), Hazelle Teo (The Shuang and Kunz Show), Lim Leng Kee (Double-O-7), Zhong Kun Hua (KUNZversations).

  • Best Drama Serial: All That Glitters, Cash on Delivery, Oppa, Saranghae!, SHERO, Till The End.

  • Best Entertainment Programme: Battle Of The Buskers - Grand Final, Foodie Trio, Hear U Out S4, The Reunion, The Star Athlete.

  • Best Infotainment Programme: Forbidding No More S2, Inside Crime Scene S2, Old Taste Detective 4, Two Worlds Apart, Wartime Food.

  • Best Short-form Entertainment Programme: #JustSwipeLah, Fake It Till You Make It, KUNZversations, Singapore True Crimes - An Animation Series, The DAKA Show.

  • Best Radio Programme: Mr Zhou's Ghost Stories, The Breakfast Quintet, The DAKA Show, The Shuang and Kunz Show, Wake-Up Call.

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