Singapore Botanic Gardens researchers discover two new plant species: Khaw

Hanguana rubinea and Hanguana triangulata found by Singapore Botanic Gardens researchers (Photo screenshot from MND blog)

Singapore Minister of National Development Khaw Boon Wan wrote about the discovery of two new plant species by the Singapore Botanic Gardens researchers in a blog post on 4 June.

Known by their scientific terms as Hanguana rubinea and Hanguana triangulata, Khaw says that "the two species are not just new to science but are found only in Singapore!" 

They were discovered by researchers, who noticed their "remarkable differences", according to the blog post.

The discovery is important because botanists previously assumed that there was only a single species of the Hanguana malayana in Singapore.

Khaw also wrote that visitors to the Bukit Timah or MacRitchie walking paths may have missed these new plant species.

There have also been other discoveries, including thirty plant species which were presumed to be extinct in Singapore and have been rediscovered.