Singapore delivery rider makes return trip to give change back to customer

He even gives chocolates to customer's kids, and rejects her offer to tip him

Foodpanda rider talking on the phone and four chocolate bars
Foodpanda rider (left) and chocolate bars (Photos: Getty Images & Siti Nurfatin Atin)

SINGAPORE — A Singapore Foodpanda rider earned plaudits online after he made a second trip to return a customer her change, and even gave chocolates to her children.

In a viral post on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Friday (17 March), 34-year-old Siti Nurfatin Atin wrote that she had ordered supper from McDonald's Regal in Jalan Bukit Merah for herself, her two children and her seven-year old niece.

The delivery rider, who was identified as an Indian man in his mid-20s, showed up at her door with the food at 11:58pm, but did not have enough spare change for her $50 note. Siti did not prepare any small change or cash tips as she thought he would return the change via PayNow.

Promising to return her change after his next order, Siti trusted the man and the two exchanged phone numbers. The part-time sales associate wrote that she was empathetic of the rider's situation as her husband is also a food rider under Grab, and she understands that having small change prepared all the time is impractical.

Siti told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore that he returned at about 12.40am while they were still having supper to return the change of $15.50. He even gave four chocolate bars to her children.

"It didn't cross my mind that he would return with the change and chocolate for my kids," explained Siti.

Rider rejected tip offer, netizens request woman to give good review

Siti later tried to tip him via PayNow, but discovered that his phone number was not connected to his account. When asked for his PayNow, he rejected the offer and asked her "to tip others who are in need" instead.

"This is the kind of rider we need, an honest rider. It is really hard to trust people nowadays, but this rider did a good job!" wrote Siti.

Comments have flooded the Facebook post with many asking if Siti had tipped the rider and hoped that she had given him a good review for the commendable delivery service.

"I hope you did give him a tip.." commented a user.

"I hope you tipped him. The cost of chocolates is more than the trip he took," commented another user.