Singapore girl, 14, asked to send nudes to repay scam 'debt' up to $11,000

Lured by scam job offer, teenager was conned over $1,100 before being blackmailed over mounting debts

Teenage girl with handphone (left) and Telegram app on phone (Photos: Getty Images)
Teenage girl with handphone (left) and Telegram app on phone (Photos: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — Scammers posing as a job agent conned a 14-year-old girl of over $1,100, and even followed up with threats to her to send nudes to pay off her debts.

Mandarin newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that the girl, unable to pay off her debts, finally informed her parents about the scam on Monday (1 May), and they reported the scam to the police the next day.

How the scam happened

The girl was first contacted last Friday by an unknown Telegram user, who asked if she needed a job. She had agreed to the job offer, in hopes to earn some money to support her family.

The girl was later directed to an agent called "Alice", who sent her a link to make deposits, complete tasks and earn rewards. She was told she would receive $10 as a reward upon depositing $100 into the account last Sunday afternoon.

The girl found out later that penalties would be imposed on her if the tasks were not completed within a stipulated time, and would double each time she fails.

The girl deposited $1,122 to the scammers after some time, of which she secretly took from her mother’s bank card.

Over time, the requested deposit amounts increased drastically. It started from $2,000 to $3,000 and eventually rose to $11,000.

Offer to pay off debts with nude photos

It was then that a man texted her on Telegram claiming he would be able to help pay off $3,000 of her debt if she could send him nude photos of herself.

According to Shin Min Daily News, she sent him nude photos of other girls from the Internet instead.

Rattled by the incident and unable to afford to pay back the penalties incurred, it was then that the girl informed her parents about the scam and broke down on Monday.

The girl's mother immediately cancelled her bank card. A police report was made by her parents the next day on Tuesday.

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