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Video transcript

- The ability to improvise a football match in Singapore is becoming harder than ever. When I came in 1996, I lived in Toa Payoh. I literally went across to a field with my friend, and we just played a game.

We went to Bishan Park on a Sunday morning. We'd either play our own game, or we'd join into an existing game. There were places all over you could have done this in the '90s.

- Now you have to go through ActiveSG to book a court, to book a field.

- Costs money.

- Costs money. And the idea of back in the '90s of paying to play was unheard of. Find a field. Make up some goalposts. You play, right?

I know I sound like an old uncle from the kampong. But this was only the '90s we're talking about, the late '90s. Now as you say-- just recently, my daughter wanted to play.

I went to Punggol Park. You can't. There's not enough space. It's a beautiful green space. But it's full of trees and saplings.

I love NParks. I love the OneMillion Trees campaign. It's a completely different issue. But if you're just talking about playing spaces, to improvise for a football match, fewer than ever.