Singapore hosts the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup basketball tournament

Singapore is hosting the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup basketball tournament from 6 to 10 July at Marina Bay Sands. With the city-state sending both men's and women's teams for the competition, Yahoo News Singapore finds out from the players how different it is to train for and compete in 3x3 basketball.

Video transcript


PAULINE ANG: It's like 10 minutes is one game. Your fight for your game is only 10 minutes. You don't have 40 minutes to fight for the game.

- It's very intense.

PAULINE ANG: Yes, it's very intense. Intensity rise, communication must be always there. I would say, the chemistry of me and my team also have to be very stronger than a 5-on-5 fighting.

MAH JUN HAO: This one is more physical. Then everybody will like give your body, won't let you go in so easily. But 5-on-5 is different because it got a lot of help site defense at the back, but 3-on-3, we don't have.


Of course, there was a lot of difference because 3-on-3 is more physical and also faster pace than 5-on-5. So training is more like running nonstop, it's not like on 5-on-5, as you stop for a while and after that you continue again. This one is like basically, nonstop.

PAULINE ANG: And you need your agility, more physical contact. The strength and conditioning program that we have to change in our gym was done by the SNC trainer, which we-- our body had to adapt to it and the playing style is also of different.


I really want this exposure and the basketball is being brought to light in Singapore. For the team, I think we will really work our best out.