Singapore Major: Beastcoast, Thunder Predator to rep South America

(Illustration: Yahoo Esports, Logos: ONE Esports, Beastcoast, Thunder Predator)
(Illustration: Yahoo Esports, Logos: ONE Esports, Beastcoast, Thunder Predator)

The first season of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit's (DPC) South American regional league has concluded, with Beastcoast and Thunder Predator representing the region in the upcoming ONE Esports Singapore Major.

Beastcoast continue to be the best team in South America, topping the league with a 6-1 record to secure a direct seed to the Major playoffs. They only dropped one match in the entire season, a surprising 2-0 loss to NoPing Esports in Week 5.

As the top seed of the regional league's upper division, Beastcoast also earned the grand prize of US$30,000 and 500 DPC points to go towards securing a direct invite to The International 10 (TI10) on top of their Major playoffs spot.

Thunder Predator earned second place in the league with a 5-2 record, which gives them the only other Major spot for South America. They will start the Major from the group stage as well as take home a hefty sum of US$28,000 and 300 DPC points.

With only two Major spots for South America, the league's third to sixth-placed teams, namely SG Esports, NoPing Esports, Team Unknown, and Infamous, will miss out on a trip to Singapore. While all four teams still receive a fair amount of prize money, only SG Esports, NoPing Esports, and Team Unknown receive all-important DPC points.

Meanwhile, EgoBoys and Latam Defenders, the upper division's two bottom teams, will be relegated to the lower division for the next season. They will be replaced by the top teams of the lower division, Infinity Esports and Hokori.

Interestingly, the South American regional league is the only league in the DPC that did not require tiebreakers to determine placement for its upper division.

Here's a full breakdown of the league's results:

(Placement) Team




(1.) Beastcoast

6-1 (12-2)

Major Playoffs

US$30,000, 500 DPC points

(2.) Thunder Predator

5-2 (10-6)

Major Group Stage

US$28,000, 300 DPC points

(3.) SG Esports

4-3 (8-8)

US$27,000, 200 DPC points

(4.) NoPing Esports

4-3 (11-8)

US$26,000, 100 DPC points

(5.) Team Unknown

3-4 (8-8)

US$25,000, 50 DPC points

(6.) Infamous

3-4 (7-8)


(7.) EgoBoys

2-5 (5-11)



(8.) Latam Defenders

1-6 (3-13)



South America is the second regional league in the DPC to determine its representatives in the Singapore Major. Southeast Asia was the first, with Fnatic, Neon Esports, and T1 representing the region.

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