Singapore woman alleges police abuse during Thaipusam procession

Singapore woman alleges police abuse during Thaipusam procession

A woman in Singapore has reportedly lodged a police report alleging three police officers of pushing her onto the ground during a scuffle that led to three men, including her husband, arrested for rowdy behaviour.

The men were arrested during the annual Hindu Thaipusam procession last Tuesday, and charged with disorderly behaviour.

The incident, where the woman was at as well, allegedly occurred at the junction of Serangoon Road and Desker Road, when three men were arrested for allegedly disrupting, in a rowdy manner, police efforts to stop a group from playing music to accompany kavadi carriers in the area.

A video clip of the incident, uploaded by sociopolitical site The Online Citizen, showed a woman falling to the ground at one point.

Responding to media queries about the report filed, police reportedly said in a statement that a 30-year-old Indian female had lodged it on Wednesday.

"(She) alleged that three officers had hit or pushed her on 3 February 2015 at Desker Road, during the Thaipusam procession," the statement said while confirming that she is the wife of one of the three accused of disorderly behaviour at the scene, as quoted by Channel NewsAsia.

"Police take a serious view of any allegation against its officers and will investigate each case thoroughly," the police continued. "However, if the allegations are found to be false, appropriate action, in accordance with our laws, will be taken against any persons found to have furnished false information to the Police."

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