Singaporean man who attacked elderly father, traffic officer jailed

PHOTO: Getty Images
PHOTO: Getty Images

A swimming instructor who attacked his sleeping father and a road traffic enforcement officer in separate incidents has been jailed for five months and six weeks.

On Thursday (18 October), Brandon Wong Hong Sheng, 32, pleaded guilty to causing hurt to his 72-year-old father Wong Tong Cheong in a dispute over the proceeds from the sale of the family flat.

According to court documents, Wong’s father was in his flat with a property agent on 12 June this year, sorting out paperwork for the sale of the property. Wong, who lived with his father, was also present and insisted that half of the proceeds from the sale be given to him.

After the property agent and Wong left, the elder Wong called the property agent and told him to inform his son that the father would be fully entitled to the sales proceeds.

At about 1.30am the next day, the father was asleep in his bed when his son returned home. Wong punched his father once, causing his father to jerk awake. The elderly man tried to get up but Wong kicked him on his chest, left thigh and right calf six to eight times.

Wong then flung his father’s handphone at him. The phone struck his father’s shoulder before hitting the wall. Wong proceeded to chase his father out of the flat and the latter lodged a police report.

The elder Wong sought treatment at a polyclinic and was found to have bruises over his limbs and chest. His son was arrested some two hours after the incident.

Attacked road traffic enforcement officer

Separately, Wong also admitted to verbally and physically abusing road traffic enforcement officer Narumanan Boy Kuppu, who was carrying out his duties where Wong’s friend had parked his car.

On 9 January, after having supper with a friend at Kovan, Wong and his friend returned to the latter’s car, which was parked along Simon Road.

They saw Kuppu, who had been dispatched there due to cases of illegal parking and obstruction. Wong, who was intoxicated, approached Kuppu, who was in his uniform, to ask if he had taken a photo of the car.

Wong then hurled vulgarities at Kuppu and kicked his left thigh. His friend tried to restrain him, but Wong advanced on Kuppu, snatched his phone and threw it on the ground. When Kuppu bent to retrieve the phone, Wong kicked it away a few times.

He also grabbed a large green dustbin and made as if to attack Kuppu with the dustbin. He threw his slippers at Kuppu, who dodged in time. Kuppu suffered bruises on his thigh and lower back from the incident.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Joanne Leong sought six and a half months’ jail, noting that Wong had committed violence-related offences in 2014. Court documents also showed that the elder Wong was issued a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against his son in 2011.

His father was a vulnerable victim as he was resting on his bed when attacked for a prolonged period of time, said the DPP.

As to the offence against Kuppu, DPP Leong said, “The victim was a law enforcement officer. Public interest demands that such officers be accorded the fullest protection against abuse.”

In mitigation, Wong’s lawyer John Koh said that Wong had been under a lot of stress at the time of the offence on his father due to family tensions.

Wong’s “dysfunctional family” had unresolved issues, said the lawyer, adding that his client had expressed remorse by pleading guilty early.

In his judgement, District Judge Luke Tan noted that it was “sad when something like this happens” and that there were little mitigating factors.

Two counts of mischief, one count of breaching the PPO against his father and one count of using criminal force against a public servant were taken into consideration for Wong’s sentencing.

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