Singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono drops new English single 'I'm Fine'

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Nathan Hartono. (PHOTO: Jayden Tan)
Nathan Hartono. (PHOTO: Jayden Tan)

It's the battle of singles.

20-year-old Iman Fandi, who recently announced her signing with Universal Music, is releasing her single 'Timeframe' today.

So is Nathan Hartono – since the release of the singer-songwriter's last English single 'Dig Deep' back in August 2020, he's dropping another English track titled 'I'm Fine' today.

Written by Hartono and produced by Singaporean producer Myrne, 'I’m Fine' takes a different twist from Hartono's usual singer-songwriter style, venturing into the electronic sonic realm with ‘80s synth-wave styling​.

Says Hartono, “‘I’m Fine’ stems from me wanting to give a more succinct answer to the question ‘How Are You?’. In my head, every time someone asks me this question, I want this song to play for them instead. Because I think it’s such a loaded question, that requires so much context and understanding that just cannot be achieved in a short social exchange. And I think we got this question a lot in 2020. So, we just say ‘I’m Fine,' when there’s always so much more to that story.”

Hartono also shares more on his first-time experience working with Myrne and the ‘80s inspired synth-wave direction, “Something about the sounds and beats from that era brings me an indescribable comfort. I just missed the ‘80s but my ‘90s childhood were littered with its remnants. It reminds me of a much simpler time, when I could actually tell someone ‘I’m Fine’ and probably mean it.

Nathan Hartono. (PHOTO: Jayden Tan)
Nathan Hartono. (PHOTO: Jayden Tan)

"I also had a lot of fun watching Manfred work in the studio. It was very satisfying to be able to verbally describe a sound I want to achieve, and then have him essentially conjure it from nothing. It’s magical.”

True to the song’s thematic backstory, Nathan also conceptualised the cover artwork as a visual representation of the struggles of keeping a positive outlook despite the dark internal conflict. The cover photo is taken by Singaporean photographer Jayden Tan, who will also take the directorial helm on the track’s accompanying music video. Due out in mid-March, the music video is set to be another visual delight with treatment based on the premises of the single artwork.

For those keen to catch the singer-songwriter in action, catch Nathan’s performance at the Disney+ Launch livestream coming to all major free-to-air TV channels and online at all Disney+ digital platforms on 24 February, 8pm. For more information, visit

Nathan will also be performing for two sold-out shows with the Ding Yi Music Company at the Happy Chinese New Year Concert 2021 happening on 27 February at the China Cultural Centre Theatre, Level 4. For more information, visit