SingTel's mobile users to pay double for excess data charges from 16 September

SingTel's mobile users will have to pay double for excess data charges from 16 September. (Yahoo! file photo)

SingTel's mobile users will soon have to pay twice as much for excess data charges.

According to a SingTel spokesman, any excess data usage from 16 September will be billed at S$10.70 per GB, capped at S$188 per month.

Currently, mobile users have to pay S$5.35 per GB when they exceed their data bundle, capped at S$94 per month.

This increase comes two months after the local telco apologised for wrongly announcing that there would be a change in the charging for excess data on its website.

The spokesman said the change now announced is due to the ending of a special promotion that was offered together with the launch of their 4G service in June 2012.

He added that the promotion was supposed to have ended in January but it was extended for more than nine months.

Only customers on SingTel’s 4G mobile data plans are affected by the change.

Those on the telco’s 3G mobile data plans will not be affected unless they renew their contract from 16 September.

The spokesman also said that SingTel’s mobile users can continue to enjoy the rate of S$5.35 per GB by subscribing to their DataMore value-added service

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