Six of the hottest fitness trends in 2012

How did you stay fit this year? Chances are you've tried Zumba, TRX, yoga, or running -- the hottest fitness trends this year -- but here are few trends that have also made their mark in the past 12 months.

Indoor surfing classes
If you love surfing, or at least want the body of someone who does, a slew of new gym gadgets simulating the feel of open water have been making waves. But perhaps the biggest new contender on the scene is SurfSET, a surf simulation technique that rapidly expanded in US gyms this fall, with its sights set on the Canadian market next year. Other options include the US-made Indo Board Balance Trainer and the German Sensoboard.

Trail running
An old-school trend has become a hot new fad this year, as more trail-specific shoes and gear are available to backcountry runners. A Runner's World survey finds that 40 percent of US runners say they've hit the trails one or two times a week, with 61 percent of them shelling out cash for trail running shoes. For tips, watch:

Now with Reebok's backing, CrossFit has hit the global mainstream with its hellish workouts done in short, intense bursts. Movements are done as fast as humanly possible, typically lasting anywhere from five to 20 minutes. This year CrossFit created a full product line and its annual competition was broadcast on ESPN2.

Zombie runs
Zombie mania has expanded to fitness, with undead zombies chasing down participants in a series of 5K obstacle courses. If you'd rather not run, you can always sign up to be a zombie, which looks to be even more fun. Check out the series in the US.

Kid fitness
To help overturn all the bad news about childhood obesity, an ever-growing variety of fitness geared for kids has hit the global fitness scene, such as CrossFit Kids and Zumbatronic, all designed to get kids excited about getting pumped.

Barre classes
Start with ballet, add a sprinkling of yoga and a pinch of Pilates and you've got the ingredients for barre workouts, one of the hottest fitness trends of the moment. If you're in the market for lean thighs, flat abs, a lifted derrière, and shapely back (who isn't?), barre is a good place to start. Not only are barre workouts spreading into mainstream gyms around the globe, but heated barre classes are starting to pick up momentum as well.